Saturday, February 25, 2017

Garage Organization Tips and Tricks

Garages were initially intended to house a very specific item...your car! These days you're more likely to see cars on the street or in the driveway than in the garage. Garages have been used instead as glorified storage spaces filled with boxes, yard equipment and unused kid toys.

With a little work and planning you can take back your garage and use it for storage of your stuff AND your cars!

Storage is important so plan ahead by cleaning out what needs to be stored and what can be donated or thrown away. Purging is always a good first step!  While you're at it, sort your items into categories that can be stored together such as yard tools, appliances, toys, keepsakes, etc.

- Use peg board to hang and organize your tools
- A magnetic strip can be used to hold onto small metal pieces
- Use labeled drawers to organize items that can be grouped together

Outdoor Toys/Sports Equipment:
- Organize by sport and store in plastic crates
- Use bungee cords to create a ball holder
- Place hooks or nails on the wall to hold bats and rackets
- Hang bikes with hooks to keep them off the floor and taking up space

Holiday Decor and Keepsakes:
- Utilize garage shelving - you can change the sizes to meet the needs of your boxes or crates
- Don't forget the vertical space above your cars - shelves can be installed here too!

If all else fails rent a small storage space for those items you just can't bear to be without.

What tips do you have for keeping your garage organized and clean? Do you keep your cars parked inside or out?

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