Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How are Energy Star 3.0 homes different?

Energy Star was created to help homebuyers recognize homes that have been built with a stricter level of energy efficiency requirements than homes built to standard building code.
Over the years standard building code has improved, making all homes more efficient.  Energy Star has also increased its level of program requirements that extend above and beyond standard code. Energy Star’s continued adherence to superior construction practices makes Energy Star homes efficient, proven and reliable.
In January of this year Energy Star rolled out a new set of regulations, called Energy Star 3.0, for homes seeking to become certified. This new set of standards applies to all Energy Star homes that began construction after January 1, 2012.
The 3.0 program includes new requirements such as:
-       Increased efficiency for HVAC units and water heaters
-       Increased efficiency requirements for windows
-       Mandatory programmable thermostats in all homes
-       Tests for leaks and drafts in the overall construction of the home
When buying a new home, the Energy Star symbol is a good way to differentiate between new homes on the market.  Energy Star provides assurance that your new home is built efficiently – helping the environment and your wallet!