Friday, March 3, 2017

Making Moving Easier

You've searched for just the right home. It's almost complete and moving day is right around the corner.  Then reality sets in.  You have to pack and move!  While this ranks as one of the major stressors in life there are ways to make it easier. Plus always remember your end goal - your brand new home!

Here are a few tips to make moving easier.

1.  Label, label, label - write down what is going in to each box and which room it should be delivered to. Use color coordinating stickers for extra help.

2. Downsize wherever you can. Now is the time to get rid of the cd's you haven't listened to in 3 years, or the t-shirts that just don't fit like they used to.  Collect up as much unused material as you can and donate it to a local agency like Goodwill or the Salvation Army

3. Look for free moving supplies.  Check grocery and liquor stores for free boxes.  Ask friends who have moved recently if they have any boxes left. Use t-shirts and towels to wrap fragile items.

4.  Move your hanging clothes with ease by using a trash bag.  The clothes will stay together and you can just place them right back on the rack.

5.  The heavier the item the smaller the box! Pack weighty belongings in smaller boxes to make transport easier.  Use suitcases with wheels for items like books or tools.

What tricks do you use to survive a move?  Remember, your new home is worth it!

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