Thursday, October 25, 2012

Staying on Budget

A satisfactory custom building experience involves a few key elements: Professional service, quality workmanship, and a home delivered on time and on budget.

Staying on budget is often an area of concern especially for first time custom home buyers.  Here are a few tips to help keep you on budget.

  • Know your priorities - What areas of the home are you most particular about? Where would you rather spend more money and where would you rather spend less?   For example, if no one will ever see the play room upstairs, put more money into the entertaining areas in the home.
  • Spend the money now if it will cost more later - There are certain items that can be easily updated as you live in your home. For larger projects such as flooring or cabinetry, it might be worth paying the cost before you move in.
  • Leave a little wiggle room - There may be something that comes up during the construction process that you wish you had thought of during the design phase. Leave yourself some room in the budget to make these changes.
  • Talk with your builder - Be clear from the very beginning about your budget restraints, what type of look you want to have, and what products you want in the home. Keep clear communication lines throughout the building process so there are no misunderstandings.
Building a custom home should be a fun and unique experience. By planning ahead you can stick to your budget while still building the house of your dreams.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to Choose a Custom Builder

Choosing a custom builder is the first important decision you'll need to make when buying your new home - so be picky!  Ask questions, check references, and see examples of past work.

Here are a few questions to ask during your initial meeting with a potential builder:

1.  Do you have a current license and liability insurance?

2.  Have you built this size and type of home before?

3.  Who will be overseeing the construction of the home? Will we be updated on the home progress?

4.  What kind of warranty comes with your homes?

5.   How long does it typically take to complete a home?

6.  What type of building products will you be using?

It's imperative that you have a good relationship with your Custom Builder.  Paradime Construction can walk you through this process because of their experience and level of customer satisfaction.  So shop around and then come back to Paradime. You'll be happy you did!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Seasonal Maintenance

As the weather turns cooler it's a good time to find ways to prepare your home for Winter and perform some basic maintenance items that will keep your warm and secure.

1. Seal and Caulk. Look for openings around the base of your home's exterior, windows, or around doors.

2. Have your heating system checked by a professional HVAC company. Change your air filters on a regular schedule.

3. Reverse your ceiling fan so that it pulls warm air down from the ceiling and distributes the heat through your home.

4. Clean, cover and store outside furniture, grills and play equipment.

5.  Walk your home to make sure that no furniture or objects are blocking the heat vents.

Keep your home happy and healthy this Winter!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Fun in Lexington!

Paradime Homes is proud to be a part of the award winning Saluda River Club community in Lexington.

Our featured home is located at 224 Shoalwood Drive in Saluda River Club. This 3 bedroom, 3 bath home contains 2480 square feet of living space and is listed at $394,900.

Living in the growing community of Lexington definitely has it's perks. Shopping, dining, entertainment - it's all here.  This Fall enjoy the following seasonal activities as well!