Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sell Faster with Staging

Looking to sell your home so you can move into your brand new Paradime Construction home?? Staging can make all the difference! It's important to make your home appealing to a wide variety of buyers and little things can make a big impression!

- Think neutral: While your taste may lean more towards bright colors and splashy prints - try to tone it down so potential buyers can picture their style in your home

- Make your home less personal by removing family photos or children's artwork

- Declutter your space to make rooms look bigger and help the eye move more easily around the room

- Bring in natural light! Open your blinds, pull back shades and lighten up the heavy drapery

- Keep scents from being overwhelming. Allergies or sensitivities make lighting a bunch of candles or artificial scents a no-no. Do keep your house clean and avoid cooking before a showing.

- Clean, clean, clean! Help home shoppers see your home for what it really is - without the mess!

- Take photos of your home and look at them from the perspective of a possible buyer. What would make you take a second look?  What might be a distraction or take away from the appeal of your home?

What tips do you have for staging your current home?

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