Thursday, February 2, 2017

Adding Warmth to the Home

The Groundhog's prediction is in and he's calling for 6 more weeks of winter!  Don't be discouraged! Use this opportunity to create warmth in your home with the following fun and cozy ideas!

1. Layer with blankets. Add cozy throw blankets and quilts on chairs and the end of your bed. They give a warm look to the home while being practical at the same time!

2.  Use candles to light up winter nights. Group together and cover in a glass vase to reflect the light.

3.  Bring touches of nature inside with winter flowers, rocks, branches or potted plants.

4.  Fluff up the pillows!  Bring out the pillows and layer for an extra cozy look.

5.  Add drapes or window coverings to warm up the look of your home and keep the cold drafts out.

What do you do to warm up your home during the winter?

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