Friday, January 30, 2015

Rethink Cleaning Your Home

Keeping your home up is quite a chore—literally!!! But, it does not have to be all frowns and gloom. There are various ways to get the chores done but without piling it all into a whole day of cleaning. You have worked hard to earn that weekend, why waste half of it slaving away to clean your home? Since most of us cannot afford maids, we have got to find a better way to lessen the stress of cleaning a house but still maintain the neatness we all strive for.

There are a couple of tricks I use to lessen the burden. And while nothing can prevent you from having to clean the house completely, there are definitely ways to make it a lot less of a stress than what you are currently dealing with.

The best way I find to ease cleaning stress is to never truly stop cleaning in the first place. It sounds odd, but it works in the long run. By keeping a daily list of small (no more than fifteen minutes) tasks, you would be surprised at just how much of a difference it makes at the end of the week. For instance, for today, I will wash a load of laundry while I get ready for work. Around an hour later, the clothes are ready for the dryer, and I toss them in as I walk out the door. Upon returning from work, I just have to fold the load, no more than fifteen minutes.

Another day, I will wipe down all sinks and countertops, or dust all ledges. No matter what the exact task is, spreading out your workload throughout the week might sound like no fun, but you will be grateful on Saturday when you have just that less left to do. Try it out for yourself! It is a little hard to get into the habit, but it will become second nature the more you do it. All in the hopes, that you can enjoy spending a little more of your Saturday with your loved ones, rather than with a jug of bleach.

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