Friday, January 16, 2015

Prep For New Homeowners

Owning your very own home is an amazing accomplishment and is no small feat. You have worked hard, paid your dues, and are now reaping the benefits of all of that brow sweat. But with owning a home, comes great responsibility. A home is no small job. A home requires money, attention, and maintenance. It can seem like a lot, but luckily you are not alone. Use the following topics to get a good idea of everything involved with owning a home, and figure out exactly what you are getting yourself into.
Most importantly, the biggest decision to make is exactly where you are going to live. This is a little prior to the actual owning and upkeep of a home, but it is important when dealing with houses. Before you buy, make sure you love. How much can you afford? What features are, for you, a must-have? Do you already have a real estate agent in mind? Owning a home is all about planning and preparation, so start getting into the habit now of asking questions and considering all outcomes. Once you have decided on all your qualifications, you can find your home.

Once you have found the home of your dreams, it is time to get you a deed! Purchasing a home will require loan approvals, offers, and lots of signatures. After navigating the long road to ownership, you now have a house all to yourself. It is now time to get your home up to your standards. Arrange insurance coverage for whatever you have not covered already (flood, earthquake, whatever you made need for your area.) Cover your bases. Know where local emergency services are and what to do if something strikes. Having all these things completed covers you for virtually any disaster, and will keep you and your family in the best shape possible in case something happens.

Aside from natural disasters and other weather related phenomena, there are other things to watch out for when owning a home. Termites and mold can raze a home if unchecked, so regular inspections and treatments are needed. Your yard will need at least weekly upkeep, and there are monthly utility, insurance, and tax fees on top of your normal monthly expenses, so careful management is required.

Owning a home is one of life’s biggest responsibilities but also one of the most satisfying. Having a space to retreat to and call your own truly makes it worth all the struggles that go into it. A lot of these things might seem to be overkill or unnecessary, but you will be thankful for knowing when the situation strikes. And you will be thankful for preparing early despite not thinking you need to. Life throws many unexpected punches and when it comes to owning a home, makes no exceptions. But you can pad any punch that is thrown, all it takes is a little brain power and elbow grease!

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