Thursday, February 5, 2015

Positive Predictions for Spring Housing Market

Some of the nation’s largest home builders are seeing signs of an improved housing market based on numbers from the second half of January. Consumer confidence remains high and interest rates remain low – two important factors for the housing industry.  Improvements in the overall economy including job and wage growth, combined with lower gas prices, all led to improvements in consumer confidence and the introduction of more potential buyers to the housing market.

A panel of economists at this year’s International Builders Show, admit that 2014 sales were lower than expected but predicted a stronger 2015 based on improving economic factors across the country.  A strong housing market is traditionally a backbone of a strong overall national economy. 

The spring remains a strong time for the housing industry as families look to buy new homes and move in over the summer while children are out of school.  Across the Southeast, the mild winter weather may lead to an earlier than usual start to the spring shopping season.

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