Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's Resolution

2015 means a new year and a new you! Most take this time to list out everything they want to change or do for the upcoming 365 days. So we thought, why not help you out when it comes to making that list by sharing our resolutions for the upcoming 2015 year. We are hoping to breathe new life in 2015, and are hoping you will join us for the ride!

1.     Get Organized
Organization is a key component to most people’s sanity, whether they know it or not. It had been scientifically proven that increases in clutter also coincide with increases in stress levels for most people. So make 2015 a year of organization! You might not notice it instantly, but a slow change in the way keep everything will ultimately lower stress levels. Just imagine being able to find your keys in the exact, same spot every time you needed them!  Organization will eliminate small nuisances such as these, which would normally add up to a lot of stress over time.

2.     Reduce Debt
This is a resolution for almost everyone, us included. Debt is never a good thing, no matter how you spin it, so make 2015 about getting rid of the collection calls, past due bills, and (hopefully this does not apply to you) red letters from certain government agencies. Reducing debt though is more complicated than just paying back bills. Reducing debt is a lifestyle change that is no easy feat. However, the reward for your sacrifice will be greatly worth the wait.

3.     Join the Community
You are surrounded by your neighbors everyday for a good majority of your life, so why not get to know them? To seclude yourself in your house not only creates a wall (literally and figuratively!!!) between you and your neighbors. But stepping out and getting to know the people around you forges powerful bonds between you and those who live around you. Making friends can never be seen as bad, so why not give them a chance?

4.     Renovate
2015 is a time for changing, so that should apply to your house too! It does not have to be a major change, but something as simple as a screening in the back porch, or installing new windows can have a big change on how you view your home. Although renovations are costly, there is always a way to figure out tips and tricks that can cheapen the process. Treating yourself in the new year is important as well. Being happy at home ultimately leads to being happy in other places.

5.     Stay Energy Efficient
It is hard to avoid the news of climate change these days. Devastating typhoons, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and much more swarm the television these days to point where it is unavoidable to see the impact human kind is having on this planet. Take 2015 to make the switch to a more energy efficient lifestyle. You might be thinking that one voice does not matter, and one person changing will not be enough to change the world overnight, but it is one less unrecycled cardboard box, one less plastic water bottle chucked into the ocean, one less stack of paper sitting in a landfill waiting to decompose.

Change is hard, if it were easy, there would be no such thing as a New Year’s Resolution. But it is not out of reach. You have the power to change in your life what you do not want. You have the mind to set the goals and drive to achieve them. Do not let 2015 be another year of stagnation. Look up, move forward, and meet 2015 and all it has to offer.

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