Thursday, February 26, 2015

Design Inspiration

Looking for home inspiration? Interested in the latest design trends? All you need is a computer or smart phone to find out all you ever wanted to know about new home design.

Meet Houzz – one of the newer social media sites out there with an emphasis on home design. Houzz is a website with over 5 million photos of new homes, home d├ęcor, remodeling, landscaping and furnishings.  In addition to photos, Houzz allows you to learn about professionals in the industry, contact them and rate them. You can also purchase some items directly through the Houzz website. Houzz is a free site but does require an account for full access. Sign up with your email or through Facebook. Visit

For more home inspiration ideas try Pinterest.  While Pinterest is not exclusive to home design like Houzz, it has become a popular means of finding and storing visual ideas.  Pinterest allows you to store your favorite photos on boards to come back and revisit later. You can also click the photo to go back to it’s original website if you would like to find out more. Like Houzz, the site is free but does require an account for full access. Visit

Have you found inspiration for your new home on one of these sites or others?

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