Friday, June 21, 2019

Should you buy new? We think so.

You hear these comments all the time:
“It’s a buyers market.” “A sellers market.” “Buy new.” “Buy used.” “Don’t buy now.” “Now’s the time!”
How do you make sense of it all?
Buying a new home is a big decision. One that should come with a lot of research, thought and planning. 
And believe it or not it should be fun!
You’re buying a new home! A new place for your family to grow in. For memories to be made and for life to be lived.  Enjoy the process!
Educate yourself and then look for the best possible option for your family.
Begin with your budget and overall financial picture.  Think about what your family needs and what your family wants.
Should you buy new?  We think so.
Here are just a few reasons why buying a new home may be the right option for you.
-        Your home your way.  You don’t have to paint over the previous owners neon bedroom colors or pull up their checkered bathroom tile.
-        No need to spend the weekends covering up nail holes from where pictures used to hang or scrubbing the bathtub trying to get it the original white again.
-        A new home is more energy efficient with the latest appliances, heating and air systems and insulation. Save yourself time and money.
-        Enjoy the latest in home design, layout and style.  Open floorplans, neutral colors and plenty of closet space! Today’s homes have been designed for today’s lifestyle.
These are just a handful of reasons to buy a new home over used.  What is your family looking for?

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