Thursday, June 27, 2019

Preparing Your Home for Vacation Season

It’s vacation season and while you may have thought of everything – sunscreen, road trip games and plenty of snacks, did you think about what you left behind? Your home and yard? They will need some TLC before you leave to make sure all is well when you return.
Here are a few things to do before you leave town.
-        Unplug everything – all electronics and appliances. This will protect against power surges and keep them from using unnecessary power
-        Stop your mail service to keep mail from piling up. This can be down online weeks ahead of time.  Do the same for newspapers if you get them.
-        Pay bills online or in advance if any will be due while you are away.
-        If you have pets make arrangements at a kennel or with a trusted friend who will check in and care for the pet.
-        Clean out the refrigerator of any expired food or leftovers
Day Before or Day Of
-        Close all blinds and curtains
-        Set thermostat to upper 70’s
-        Water all house plants
-        Turn out all lights and turn off ceiling fans
Follow this list and you’ll enjoy a little more peace of mind on your vacation.  Bon Voyage!

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