Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Storm Season Preparedness

In light of the recent bouts of severe weather it is important to establish a plan of preparedness before inclement weather arrives.  Spring is a volatile season and can bring heavy rains, strong wind and occasionally the threat of tornadoes. Peak tornado season in the south is March through May.
Here are a few ways you and your family can prepare for dangerous weather conditions.

- Understand the terminology. A tornado watch means that conditions are such as a tornado could appear. A warning means that a tornado has been sighted either on the ground or by radar. With a tornado warning take shelter immediately.

- Develop a communications plan.  Talk with your family about what to do during severe weather before it happens. Decide where to go when tornadoes are threatening and where to find emergency supplies.

- Have an emergency kit. Create a kit with items such as flashlights, bottled water, a NOAA battery powered radio, flares and first aid items.

- Choose a safe space in your home.  The best place to be during a tornado is in an interior room on the first floor with no windows. This may be a half bathroom or closet.

- Be aware of your surroundings.  Monitor the weather and take the threat of severe weather seriously.  Understand school closing policies and have emergency contacts available to help if needed.

Being prepared is an important step in being safe. Do what you can to protect your family from inclement weather conditions.  For more information and ideas visit the following websites:

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