Thursday, April 13, 2017

April is New Homes Month!

In the home building industry, April is New Homes month! It's a time to educate consumers on the benefits of owning a new home. So what are the benefits? Here's a quick breakdown of why buying NEW is best!

1. New homes are built to the latest standards in building codes which means newer homes are more energy efficient than older homes. Save on your monthly utilities!

2. New homes are built with today's buyer in mind - open floorplans, more outlets, phone charging stations and more!

3. New homes offer more safety features than older homes including smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and low or no VOC paints.

4.  New homes require less maintenance than older homes and come with a home warranty for your peace of mind.

5.  New homes offer the opportunity to personalize your home before you move in. Give your new home a touch of your unique style and flair!

Why would you be interested in buying a new home?

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