Friday, April 26, 2013

Developing a Budget

At Paradime Construction, owner Stan O'Brien designs, drafts and builds the homes. This hands on attention allows for a detailed focus on the costs of building a custom home and can be adapted to fit each home buyers unique needs. O'Brien remains involved in the entire process and with his years of experience can answer any questions that may arise.

When developing your budget for a custom home here are a few things to consider?

- Land costs - do you already own the property or will you need to acquire a home site?
- What other monthly costs do you already have? Make a tally of all expenses including car payments, credit cards, groceries, etc.
- Look at other homes in the square footage range and area that you are interested in for some ideas of the price range
- Bring photos, sketches, plans with you to your first builder meeting - this will help your builder understand better what type of features you are looking for in your home.

Most importantly, keep open communication with your builder. Stan O'Brien prides himself on being accessible to the customer and to really listening to what the needs and wants are of the buyer.

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