Friday, April 5, 2013

Builder Q&A

Question: What is a conditioned crawl space?

In new construction a conditioned crawl space involves the following elements:
  • No insulation between the ground and floor
  • 20 mil puncture proof polymer on the ground that is rolled up the side walls and taped
  • Spray foam insulation around the perimeter of the wall to insulate from the outside
  • HVAC supply duct into the crawl space to control temperature and humidity
  • HVAC return to the first floor to allow air circulation
The advantages to having a conditioned crawl space are many:
  • Utliized the earth's thermal mass to help heat and cool the home in temperature extremes
  • No hot or cold floors - consistent temperatures because of the conditioned space
  • Eliminates moisture for better indoor air quality
  • Reduces the possibility of bugs and pests
Paradime Construction is familiar with the purpose and construction of a conditioned crawl space.  When buying a new home consider the investment you are making and the best ways to protect it.

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