Friday, February 1, 2013

Game Time!

We're down to the wire now with only two more days until the Super Bowl.

Whether you've been planning your get-together for weeks or just decided to invite over some friends, here are some tips to make your party a hit!

1. Plan for your guests:  Some will be there for the game, some for the commercials, and some for the chance to catch up with friends.  Have an area with seating available for those not interested in watching the game. This will make the talkers comfortable and keep the serious game watchers from getting upset.

2. Keep the food simple and portable. You'll want to have finger foods that can easily be eaten while sitting on the couch cheering on your favorite team.  Make plenty of space on coffee and end tables with coasters and napkins readily available.

3. Enjoy your own party. The Super Bowl is not a formal event. Keep your decorations low-key, the food easy, and the mood light. Ask friends to bring a dish or beverages. Don't get trapped in the kitchen!

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