Friday, January 25, 2013

Benefits to Building with Paradime - Part 1

Not all builders are created equal.  Building with Paradime Construction has its benefits and our goal here is to highlight those benefits before you make your building decision.

Today's focus will be on the interior aesthetics of your home. There are techniques and materials that will drastically improve the quality and look of your new home.  Here are a few of those processes employed by Paradime.

1. All homes include smooth ceilings, crown mouldings and casing to create a finished and polished look to the rooms.

2. Windows are trimmed with wood to create a frame along the window.

3. The front door is a fiberglass door that will withstand the elements and years longer than wood or metal doors. It also allows for the option to paint or stain the door.

4. All paint is rolled, not sprayed.  This allows for a smoother finish that is easier to touch up and repair in the future.

If that isn't enough, Paradime guarantees a one year visit with one of their painters to make any touch ups that could occur as the house settles and adjusts to the various seasons.

Finding a builder who understands the subtle importance of these details is rare.  Choose Paradime to build your brand new home.

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