Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fight the Flu at Home

Along with the beautiful Fall weather and cooling temperatures comes something no one is a big fan of - flu season.  Flu season begins in October and lasts in May, typically peaking in February.

Vaccines are one way to potentially stop from contracting the illness but there are other measures you should take to make your home a hostile area to flu germs.

1.  Have tissue boxes and trash cans in each room.  Encourage sneezing and coughing into tissues. Make sure there is easy access to trash disposal.

2.  Stock up on soap and hand sanitizer.  Good old-fashioned hand soap is the preferred method of keeping clean but hand sanitizer will work where needed.

3.  Watch out for these germ hot spots and clean regularly:  cutting boards, sponges, desks, floors, toilets and sinks.  Germs can live for several hours on hard surfaces so disinfect door knobs, light switches and remote controls.

4. Keep a healthy lifestyle by drinking lots of water, eating fruits and vegetables and getting your exercise.

5. If someone in your house has the flu make sure to regularly wash their bed sheets and towels in warm or hot water.  Wash your hands after anytime you handle dirty laundry.

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