Saturday, February 25, 2017

Garage Organization Tips and Tricks

Garages were initially intended to house a very specific item...your car! These days you're more likely to see cars on the street or in the driveway than in the garage. Garages have been used instead as glorified storage spaces filled with boxes, yard equipment and unused kid toys.

With a little work and planning you can take back your garage and use it for storage of your stuff AND your cars!

Storage is important so plan ahead by cleaning out what needs to be stored and what can be donated or thrown away. Purging is always a good first step!  While you're at it, sort your items into categories that can be stored together such as yard tools, appliances, toys, keepsakes, etc.

- Use peg board to hang and organize your tools
- A magnetic strip can be used to hold onto small metal pieces
- Use labeled drawers to organize items that can be grouped together

Outdoor Toys/Sports Equipment:
- Organize by sport and store in plastic crates
- Use bungee cords to create a ball holder
- Place hooks or nails on the wall to hold bats and rackets
- Hang bikes with hooks to keep them off the floor and taking up space

Holiday Decor and Keepsakes:
- Utilize garage shelving - you can change the sizes to meet the needs of your boxes or crates
- Don't forget the vertical space above your cars - shelves can be installed here too!

If all else fails rent a small storage space for those items you just can't bear to be without.

What tips do you have for keeping your garage organized and clean? Do you keep your cars parked inside or out?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tax Benefits for Homeowners

Being a homeowner has a lot of perks - especially at tax time.  Homeowners are eligible for several tax breaks that may ease your payments due to Uncle Same. Talk with your tax preparer to see if you are eligible for any of the following homeowner tax write-offs.

- Deduct your monthly interest payments - the majority of your monthly mortgage payment

- Paying for mortgage points

- Did you relocate for a job more than 50 miles away? You can write-off some of your moving expenses.

- Sell a home so you could move into a new one? Ask about tax breaks related to selling costs!

- Deduct the amount spent on annual property taxes

- Did you make any modifications to your home to make it more energy efficient? Those costs may be deductible too!

Owning a home may make your tax filing process a little more complicated - but it's worth it! Talk with your tax professional to make sure you get all the tax benefits from owning a home!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sell Faster with Staging

Looking to sell your home so you can move into your brand new Paradime Construction home?? Staging can make all the difference! It's important to make your home appealing to a wide variety of buyers and little things can make a big impression!

- Think neutral: While your taste may lean more towards bright colors and splashy prints - try to tone it down so potential buyers can picture their style in your home

- Make your home less personal by removing family photos or children's artwork

- Declutter your space to make rooms look bigger and help the eye move more easily around the room

- Bring in natural light! Open your blinds, pull back shades and lighten up the heavy drapery

- Keep scents from being overwhelming. Allergies or sensitivities make lighting a bunch of candles or artificial scents a no-no. Do keep your house clean and avoid cooking before a showing.

- Clean, clean, clean! Help home shoppers see your home for what it really is - without the mess!

- Take photos of your home and look at them from the perspective of a possible buyer. What would make you take a second look?  What might be a distraction or take away from the appeal of your home?

What tips do you have for staging your current home?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Adding Warmth to the Home

The Groundhog's prediction is in and he's calling for 6 more weeks of winter!  Don't be discouraged! Use this opportunity to create warmth in your home with the following fun and cozy ideas!

1. Layer with blankets. Add cozy throw blankets and quilts on chairs and the end of your bed. They give a warm look to the home while being practical at the same time!

2.  Use candles to light up winter nights. Group together and cover in a glass vase to reflect the light.

3.  Bring touches of nature inside with winter flowers, rocks, branches or potted plants.

4.  Fluff up the pillows!  Bring out the pillows and layer for an extra cozy look.

5.  Add drapes or window coverings to warm up the look of your home and keep the cold drafts out.

What do you do to warm up your home during the winter?

Friday, January 27, 2017

Tasty Valentine Treats!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! If you're looking for some fun treats to make as a family that don't require hours in the kitchen we can help!

Sugar Cookie Hearts

Store bought sugar cookie dough shaped into hearts then decorated with red and pink sprinkles. Stick in a popsicle stick before baking for an easy to eat treat!

Raspberry Trifles

This show stopper of a dessert looks like it took hours to make! Simply layer graham cracker crumbs, vanilla pudding and raspberries for a delicious and beautiful treat! Top with whip cream!

Sweet and Salty Pretzel Treats

Dip pretzels in icing and decorate with all of your favorite Valentine sprinkles and sugars! Yum!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Pantone Color of the Year

The 2017 Pantone Color of the Year is "Greenery" - a yellow-green shade that brings the beauty of nature in.

Greenery is a color that can be used in all seasons and pairs well as a neutral.  For example, Pantone put together several palettes that can be used both indoor and out.Color of the Year 2017 - Color Pairings and Palettes

Color of the Year 2017 - Color Pairings and Palettes

Aren't ready to take the plunge and pull out the paint brushes?

Incorporate Greenery by using pillows, rugs, window treatments or accent chairs.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Selling Your Home?

Despite the above average temperatures it still is January here in the South.  If you need to sell your home, the dead grass, bare trees and dark evenings may have you concerned.  There is good news though!  Here are a few tips to help you sell quickly so you can move on to your dream home!

- Price Competitively:  Look at comparables and make a decision based on what has sold within the last 3 months.

- Curb Appeal: Brighten up your home's exterior with some winter friendly plants and landscaping.

- Declutter: Make sure any seasonal decorations are put away, remove too many personal items and create a clean, neutral palette in the home.

- Paint: If your home needs a new color scheme - choose a neutral such as an off-white to make the home feel brighter in the dark winter months.

- Interior Touches: Make sure your home is well lit and warm! Add a cozy blanket on the couch.  Focus on the rooms that you spend the most time in - kitchen and master bath especially.

Don't worry! There are buyers in the winter and now is the time to sell before it gets too competitive in the Spring.