Thursday, November 12, 2015

Create the Perfect Space for Guests

The holiday season is in full swing! For many people that means entertaining family and friends - sometimes overnight!

Here are some tips to prepare the perfect guest room.

1. Freshly launder your sheets - even if they haven't been slept in, it will add a nice touch to have a the fresh scent of clean and aired out sheets.

2. Provide the best sleep environment possible. This includes extra blankets and a box fan - accommodating for any temperature preference.

3. Anticipate your guest's needs so they don't have to ask. Provide bottled water, reading material and extra hangers. Have an alarm clock available so guests don't have to ask for a wake-up.

4. If you don't have a full time guest room - no problem. If your guest room doubles as an office or play room clear out the clutter before your company arrives.

5. For extra touches to really wow your guests add fresh flowers, provide your wi-fi password and include a basket of seasonal snacks!

What do you do to prepare for guests? Any tips and tricks to share?

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