Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Keep Cool Without Breaking the Bank

Here in the South - Summer's heat is far from over even as Fall seems to be right around the corner! If your monthly utility bills are higher than you like - but you can't stand the heat - we have some tips that might help!

Did you know? Heating and air conditioning make up 43% of your average monthly utility costs.

Here are some ways to cool down - without cranking the A/C.

  • Circulate air with fans - ceiling fans or box fans will work - nothing too fancy needed
  • Use screens on your windows to help block some of the sun's heat - inside make use of blinds and curtains
  • Make use of your exhaust fans after cooking and a hot shower
  • If your home has a programmable thermostat - set the temperature a little higher for those times when you won't be home
  • Change air filters regularly to keep your A/C unit running efficiently
  • Keep the area around your condenser clean - tall grass or bushes can clog the unit and cause it to run less efficiently
  • Make small changes like using CFL light bulbs instead of the typical incandescents - they emit less heat.

What do you do to keep cool and keep your costs low in the summer heat?

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