Friday, October 24, 2014

Energy Efficient Holiday Decorating

Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or another celebration, the holidays are the greatest time of year, but also the most expensive. From costumes and candy, to Thanksgiving feasts, to gifts for the whole family; the Holidays are also the most stressful on the family wallet. So today, we’re going to give you some tips to keep those winter bills from going up, so you have more money to spend on getting down. With just a few small tricks and tips, you can save tons of cash on holiday decorating to reallocate wherever you see fit.

The first small trick you can do to save money when you choose to start decorating for the seasons is to throw out those old string lights. Now, everyone loves to use string lights, but they’re notorious energy eaters and an extremely festive family can find themselves left with a hefty electricity bill at the end of the season. To help ease the burden, but to also prevent cutting back on the decorating, use LED lights to light up your house. The LED’s require much less energy than traditional holiday light strands, and you’ll definitely tell a difference by the time the bills roll in. Additionally, if you choose to use ENERGYSTAR® products, there are often many local rebates and coupons available for use at local hardware stores. Invest in a timer. You can attach it to your lights to limit the amount of time your lights remain on, and also will prevent prolonged light use from forgetting to shut them off. Also, the use of reflective surfaces and reflective decorations can help magnify light and reduce the overall amount of light needed. Play with some creative ways to maybe even reflect some of your neighbor’s grandiose display onto yours. Now sit back and enjoy that beautiful, energy-efficient display!

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