Friday, September 12, 2014

Adding Curb Appeal

When you stop to look at your house, are you impressed or distressed? If you chose the latter, it’s time to start looking into adding some personal touches that will change the way you feel about your home; and turn that eye sore into something you can take pride in! Owning a home is a lot of work, and after a long day’s work, the last thing anyone wants to do is start toiling away at another project to eat the rest of your day, but there are some simple and small tasks you can do to revolutionize your home, and make it the belle-on-the-block!
                  We’ve taken the time to come up with and arrange some ideas that you can use to makeover that home into the personal haven you deserve. The following ideas are organized by average completion time to make it easy to choose something that fits your time frame!

One-Day Projects:
                  There are plenty of things to do in a matter of a few hours to completely change the way your home looks. Something as simple as replacing old planters on the front porch, adding a new welcome mat, or updating the patio furniture will help give the front of your home a personality and keep it from blending in from all the homes around it. If spending a lot of money isn’t to your tastes, there are some cheaper alternatives to replacing what you have altogether. For just the cost of a can of paint and a brush, you can give your old furniture a new life, or even repaint your door for a great unique flourish!

Multiple-Day Projects:
                  These projects are great for redefining the feel of your house, but also require a bit more time to execute.
                  Try some new landscaping! Removing dead or old plants and replacing them with seasonal, brighter flora (Emphasis on COLOR!) will make your house look much homier, and create a welcoming atmosphere to anyone who stops or passes by. Another great way to change it up is to redo your walkways, or make a new walkway! Whether it’s adding a brick lining to your existing walkway, fixing cracks, or completely redoing it, any change for the better will ultimately help you give your home a completely different feel. 

No matter how you go about doing your home makeover, the important to not forget the power of details. Those small, simple changes (trimming a dead branch, replacing a broken shutter, picking up the yard, etc.) add up over time to help your house grow into something you never imagined it could be. Don’t be overwhelmed at what’s yet to be done. Just pick one project per week, and before you know it, you will be the proud owner of the prettiest plot on the street!

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