Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Getting Organized - Without Spending a Fortune

Most everyone feels they could be more organized. Whether it’s your closet, filing cabinet, garage, pantry or overall living spaces – organization can help provide clarity and peace of mind.
Your local dollar store can be a great place to go when you’re trying to get organized. Here are a few things you can pick up to help clean up the clutter.
-        Use file sorters for more than just files! You can organize old magazines, children’s books or even washcloths and hand towels in your linen closet.
-        Pick up a small muffin in to organize small objects in your office (paper clips, push pins, alligator clips etc) or in the bathroom to hold hair bows and ties.
-        Use plastic totes and bins to organize your sets of sheets and keep them all in one place
-        Pick up some removable wall hooks to use on your kitchen cabinets. They can hold measuring cups and spoons!
-        Organize your kitchen drawers with small plastic tubs perfect for holding tea, coffee or lemonade packets including assorted sugars and creamers.
-        Keep all of your cleaning supplies in a portable tote with separate compartments for each container.
-        Use bins in the refrigerator or freezer to group like items together and create more space!
What are some of your favorite organization tips on a budget?

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