Friday, May 17, 2019

How to Use Your Spring Cleaning to Help Others

Spring Cleaning – whether you do much or a little, provides the opportunity to clean up your home and give to others. Your unwanted furniture, clothes or kids toys can be used by a multitude or organizations in a way that will positively affect those in your community.  Here are a few ways to give back.
1.     Assess Your Donations

It’s a good idea to go through your donations and decide what would really benefit someone and what needs to be thrown away.  Some items can’t be donated for safety or health reasons such as household chemicals and mattresses. Fragrances and cosmetics are often not accepted by thrift stores for sanitary reasons as well. Call ahead before donating bulky appliances as they may be too difficult for thrift stores to handle.

Baby items such as cribs, car seats and strollers can only be donated if they meet the current safety standards and are not subject to a recall.  Call ahead before donating these items.

2.     Figure Out Where to Donate
Goodwill and The Salvation Army are national organizations that take used items and use them to benefit the community through thrift store sales or donations. For larger items you can contact them and arrange a time for a pick up.
Habitat for Humanity ReStores sell new and gently used furniture, d├ęcor and appliances at discounted prices.
You can also contact organizations like homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters and pregnancy centers to see if they have specific needs.

Check and recheck your donations before dropping them off to be sure no unintended items are included.  

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