Friday, June 30, 2017

Fireworks Safety

It's the 4th of July weekend! Time for fireworks, BBQ's and trips to the pool, lake or beach!

As much fun as the 4th of July can be we want to make sure you review these safety tips before beginning your celebrations.  Staying safe is the most fun of all!

- Know your local laws on fireworks - what's okay to play with and what can get you in trouble
- Never let children play with fireworks
- Always follow the instructions on the fireworks packaging
- Have water nearby for emergency situations
- If a firework doesn't seem to work - don't try and relight it
- Never throw or point fireworks at anyone
- Never mix alcohol use and fireworks
- When done with fireworks, soak used ones in water and place in metal trashcan

If attending a community fireworks display use extreme caution when driving and parking. Look for pedestrians.

- Make sure your grill is located in an open space outdoors and away from any flammable materials
- An adult should always be supervising a lit grill
- Use grill tools designed to keep hands and arms away from the grill
- Make sure the grill is properly cleaned and cooled when not in use

Follow some basic safety tips and make sure this 4th is the best celebration yet!

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