Thursday, April 7, 2016

Decorating with the Outdoors

The Spring weather is beautiful! The breeze is sweet and the flowers are blooming! Which means pollen.  Lots of pollen!  If seasonal allergies are holding you back from enjoying the great outdoors there are ways to bring the outside in!  Check out these tips to find out how!

1.  Decorate with plants - the non-allergic variety! Some plants actually improve air quality such as the Peace Lily, Chrysanthemum or Lady Palm.

2.  Use natural materials as accents such as rocks, stone or wood. Collections of sea shells or dried flowers work as well.

3. Take advantage of natural light. Keep the blinds open or use natural materials for window treatments such as bamboo or woven wood.

4. Don't forget your sense of smell - woodsy candles or flowery potpourri are perfect ways to accent your home.

5.  Shop your kitchen!  Use baskets of fruit such as oranges, lemons or limes to create a fresh look in the dining area.

What ideas do you have for bringing the outside in?

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