Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sell Your Old Home!

Ready to get into a new home? Need to sell first? Most naysayers discount the winter season for selling - but - there are ways to do it!  Use some of our tips to sell your old home so you can move on!

Statistically, there are fewer buyers during the winter months - but there is also less competition. Buyers who are out are more serious and looking to buy in a shorter time frame.

That's the good news!

So what can you do to help move the process along?

- Make sure all the windows are clean and sparkle in the winter light
- Create a welcoming entryway using a wreath or porch decor
- Remove any dead landscaping and prune as necessary

- If you aren't currently living in the room make sure you have the heat on long before your next appointment shows up
- Create a cozy feel using candles, blankets and the scent of fresh baking cookie or cider

- Provide photos of your home in other seasons to highlight the landscaping and help potential buyers visualize themselves in the home year round

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