Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Considering a fence?

Thinking about making some improvements to your new home such as adding a fence?  Fences can provide privacy and security. Before you make the decision to fence in your yard, here are a few points to consider.

Why Do You Want a Fence?
Adding a fence will dramatically change the way your home looks and lives. A fence is a great way to create a more defined outdoor living space. It provides security for pets or children and a sense of privacy from next door neighbors. A fence can also be a way to create curb appeal and added value to your home.

What Type of Fence Do You Want?
It’s important to first find out what type of neighborhood covenants your community may have. There may be restrictions on the style of fence or type of materials that can be used. Consult your community Homeowners Association before moving forward.

Once you have determined if there are restrictions on the type of fence you can have, it’s time to research the available fencing options.  The main fencing materials are wood, metal and vinyl. Each material comes in a variety of styles and looks.  Some fences offer more privacy than others.  Take a look at fences in your neighborhood to get an idea of what style you may like.

What Is Your Budget?
Most fencing companies charge by the foot – a cost that includes materials and labor. Understanding your budget before you begin planning your fence will help determine the size and materials that fall within your price range. Get estimates from several contractors before moving forward.

Find a Contractor
Get references from neighbors who already have fences. Research online for local fence companies and have them come see your property before providing an estimate.  Once you find a contractor you like, get your agreement down in writing. Verify that your contractor will pull any necessary permits or paperwork to keep the project within any legal limits.

Even though a fence is on your property, as a courtesy you may want to let your neighbors know what you are doing.

What questions do you have about installing a fence?

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