Friday, April 11, 2014

Planting Your Own Veggies

As a new homeowner - your home and yard are like a blank canvas. Just waiting for you to fill in.

One of the most rewarding uses of your outdoor space is the planting of a vegetable garden.  No matter the size of your space, growing delicious and healthy vegetables and fruits is possible!

Here are some tips for getting started!

Pick Your Space - Wherever you decide to plant, make sure the area gets plenty of sunlight and is in a space you will remember to check frequently. If possible, choose a location near a water source to make watering easier.

Prep The Soil - Most home improvement stores and nurseries offer a variety of soil mixes. Choose an organic mix if possible. Soil should be a good mix of earth, clay and sand. Turn the soil over by hand or with a tool to break up any root systems or chunks - remove rocks and debris as you find them.

Start Small - Gardens require consistent care and maintenance. You will need to water and weed frequently. If this is your first garden, start small and grow over time.

Research What to Plant - Think about what foods you will want to eat and research their growing season in the Southeast.  Talk with experts at local nurseries for their recommendations. Consider planting some flowers such as marigolds within the garden to help naturally ward off pests. Certain vegetables do well planted near each other such as Cucumbers, Peas and Lettuce where as Tomatoes and Broccoli do not do well together.

For a full list of companion vegetables click HERE.

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