Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Green Products Vs. Green Systems

The green movement has inspired many companies to promote environmentally friendly products. Individually, the majority of these products are superior to their more-traditional alternatives. For just a few dollars more, you can get ‘green’ products that have more benefits than items used in the past. For the most part, installing these green products will make your home more energy efficient and help do your part in improving our environment.

A house is a complex system that has an endless array of parts making up the whole. Today’s house is far more complex than early cabins constructed by the frontiersman solely for protection from the elements. Research in building science has shown the many dangers of improper home construction. The complexity of the current building codes arose from the past litigation for these incorrect construction practices.

Before you decide to purchase any of the new green products out there, understand how your current house is set up and how it might be affected by these new products. There are many dangers out there to installing a product that might upset the balance of your current system.

An energy rater should be the first person consulted. They have the ability to inspect and test your current home, letting you know what modifications will provide the most return on your investment. Their recommendations will include modifications that may need to be done to avoid any dangers and work with your current system.

Many of the new green products available today have the ability to increase the efficiency and comfort of your home. Just make sure you do the proper research to insure that these products will work with your current system and not against it.

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